Mixed Reality Cockpit Simulator

This simulator enables product development teams to quickly prototype and test the holistic digital experience before the seating buck and test vehicle are built.

Physical elements (e.g., a real steering wheel, physical switches, and tangible HMI displays) seamlessly blend with digital elements such as simulated screens, the cockpit, and surroundings.

Simulator users can see their own hands and interact with both physical and digital objects in this virtual environment, enhancing realism and ensuring an authentic experience.


►Mixed-reality headset
The simulator utilizes the latest mixed-eality headset generation (Varjo XR-3).

►Green screen
It is used to identify which physical elements should be “carried over into the simulation” and which should be “filled by the digital rendering”.

►Hardware and software of your choice
Any car model can be used. Any configuration of screens, switches and interior elements is supported. Pre-production and production software is also supported (Unreal Engine, Qt, Unity, and Kanzi).

Simulation scenarios

►Interaction with virtual elements
Foster innovation by testing the digital experience in the context of the interior before the seating buck is available.

►Interaction with physical elements
Finetune the UX, adapt the physical layout, test the interaction and timing of the digital experience in immersive simulated environment.

►Driving simulation
Build experiences and features that don’t yet exist and test them in simulated driving scenarios.

The Mixed Reality Cockpit Series

In a series of four episodes CTO Konrad Kabaja will guide you through the most important features of the technology.

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