The next breakthrough in car HMI is around the corner

The University of Tampere (UTA) together with several Finnish companies in global automotive industry value chain have launched an automotive consortium MIVI, Multimodal In-Vehicle Interaction and Intelligent Information Presentation, that aims to innovate and pilot future solutions for multimodal in-vehicle interaction and intelligent HMIs. siili_auto is part of the consortium as one of the key players in the research for the next breakthrough.

Instrument Cluster for EV using Qt 3D Studio

The Qt Company was in urgent need of a demo for TU Automotive America exhibition 6-7.6 at Detroit to show how their Qt 3D Studio can help cluster design process to be more efficient. Siili’s design and technological skillset was perfect fit for this tight scheduled task with multiple deliveries.

Designing the future of in-vehicle navigation

Siili Auto has partnered with Promotives, a company specializing in navigating autonomous cars in parking areas, in building a prototype car instrument cluster shown on QT World Summit 2017.

Enhancing the driving experience through the seamless use of the connected car services

At Siili_Auto we have developed a demo for our customer Preh Car Connect for the 2019 Automobile Industry Exhibition in Shanghai. The goal was to showcase how the driving experience and safety can be enhanced by seamless use of the upcoming services available in connected cars.

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Cluster benchmark
HMI Design Studio
Instrument Cluster rendered in real-time using Vulkan API

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