We’re excited to present a demonstrator we prepared in collaboration with Xperi. It is a cockpit simulator designed to showcase the potential of using Xperi’s DTS AutoStage product integrated into an HMI configured on OEM-Grade hardware.


DTS AutoStage is a next-gen AI-powered infotainment platform, leveraging radio, audio and video content worldwide. DTS AutoStage is the first truly global personalized content-first entertainment platform designed to address the unique needs of the automotive OEMs and their customers.
At Siili Auto, we were tasked with creating an application for the demonstrator and providing the hardware to run it.

The unit casing was 3D-printed and then integrated on a Qualcomm SA8155P platform, which is a reference board in the automotive industry, while also equipping the demo with a cluster display and a media touch screen. A modified Tesla yoke steering wheel was added to the set.
The application was designed in-house at Siili and implemented using Vue.JS framework. The application is integrated with the DTS AutoStage API, making it a live experience model.

Since the start of our cooperation, we have improved on the original design and have delivered several DTS AutoStage reference HMI units, including smaller , more portable, demonstrator units, known as ‘bench kits,’ which are meant to help OEMs design and build their own HMIs.

The project has been very successful and continues to attract interest from global OEMs. Xperi has to date announced DTS AutoStage implementations in 5 OEMs and 52 models, including Mercedes Benz, Hyundai, BMW.

We’ve enjoyed tremendously working with Xperi – we appreciated and continue to value their innovative spirit, their mastery of the infotainment domain, as well as their continuous leadership in creating new entertainment experiences in the car.