Social Responsibility and Sustainability Report

Date → 1 August, 2023
Author → Siili Auto
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Siili Auto view on sustainability

As a company, we are responsible both for our employees and the

By taking care of our Siilis and the world we live in, and by making sure we’re sustainable in
every aspect of our work, we’ll help in creating a better future.
We are committed to responsibility in all our actions, from our impact on people to making
sure we protect the environment.

About this non-financial declaration

For the 2022 year, Siili Auto is publishing a combined non-financial declaration on social
responsibility and sustainability. It combines aspects and reporting on the following key
issues: environmental concerns, employee concerns, business ethics and compliance as well
as respect for human rights and sustainability.
In addition, we describe measures and initiatives taken by Siili Auto that demonstrates
commitment to corporate responsibility.

Siili Auto Management Team

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Values and guidelines

Social responsibility and sustainability are firmly established within the Company. Siili Auto employees are selected on the basis of their skills and their suitability for the corporate culture. We reject all discrimination based on ethnic origin, religious beliefs, age, gender or sexual orientation. We have declared Siili Auto to be a discrimination-free zone, and we intervene directly in any improper conduct and bullying. According to the Siili Code of Conduct, we respect human rights and do not accept child, forced or slave labour in any form.


Environmental concerns and sustainability

Since our work is done mostly in an office setting, we have established that our impact through typical environmental risks (raw materials, manufacturing etc.) is limited. We do, however, acknowledge our impact on CO2 emissions in the form of electricity usage, heating and travel.

We have started an initiative to estimate our CO2 impact, whose findings will inform a plan to reduce and compensate our CO2 footprint.

Some compensatory programs have already been started jointly with parent company, like for example the SiiliForest program, which aims at planting 43 trees a year per employee (, but we are constantly looking to expand our environmental
initiatives and intend to implement more in the coming years.

We support our employees in using public transport, and we use video conferencing and virtual connections to reduce the need for travel. Waste recycling and reduced electricity consumption are part of our everyday lives in all our facilities.


Employee concerns and human rights respect

The recent times have been especially turbulent in Europe, with the war in the Ukraine affecting millions of people and depriving them of them of their basic needs and safety in their own homes.

We recognize the vast need for help, and we support local initiatives which take on the task of helping people in need.

We especially support bottom-up initiatives brought forward by our employees, as a way to activate and empower them.

We are an expert organisation, and all our activities are based on the wellbeing of our personnel. We support the psychological and physical wellbeing of our employees in many different ways.

The reduction of sick leaves is a continuous goal. This is supported, for example, by the model of active early intervention, whereby sick leaves are monitored regularly, and associated wellbeing discussions are held. If there are any problems with one’s ability to work, we always consult our occupational healthcare service provider and use a partial sickness allowance model to actively support our employees in returning to work.


Business ethics and compliance

Siili Auto upholds the highest standards of integrity and operate honestly and equitably throughout the supply chain. We do continuously review our policies, especially Code of Conduct, Data Protection Policy, Terms and Conditions towards our supplier, to ensure they are up to date and adhere to the highest industry standards and our customer requirements.

Siili Auto does not approve any corruption or bribery. According to the Siili Code of Conduct, it is not permitted to receive or give any gifts larger than minor ones to advance business activities. If a Siili Auto employee or partner has been in breach of our responsibility principles, other Siili Auto employees and anyone else can report this via our Whistleblowing-pages.




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