Qt VIP event and COVESA meeting in Detroit

Date → 14 June, 2023
Author → Siili Auto
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Qt partnership

We took part in two excellent events last week —the Qt VIP event and COVESA meeting—which both provided a wonderful opportunity to meet people from our industry and share the most current and relevant ideas for today’s automotive world.


A fantastic COVESA session zeroed in on the future of EV charging and included a fireside chat: “The Future of the EV Charging Experience.”

Key takeaways included:

· EV range anxiety is primarily driven by a lack of trust that the EV charger will perform as expected.

· A shift in user behavior means that while most drivers refuel petrol vehicles once a month (on average), they want their EV vehicles fully charged every day.

· How can we change behaviors so that in-home charging is distributed throughout the day to avoid stress-inducing grid usage peaks? How can we incentivize users to change their existing behaviors?

· HMI plays a role in traffic distribution at charging stations during navigation -> can send users to different stations to avoid queues and thus balance traffic.

· Collaboration between OEMs is essential to build a system that spans all vehicle brands and types.

· Contributions and support from cities and states is essential for charging grid construction.


Speaker Panelists & Moderator:
· Matt Jones: Director of Global Technology Strategy for FORD (Panelist)
· Matt Mostafaei: Sr. Manager, EV Software for Stellantis (Panelist)
· Tim Slusser: Chief Mobility Officer for the City of Detroit (Panelist)
· Marc Perez: Americas VP for Qt Group (Moderator)

Our well-received 3D map navigation with Qt 6.5 demo was featured at the Qt VIP event.
You can check out the demo, as well as other related media and insights here.


At Siili Auto, we are celebrating 6.5 years of being Qt Premium Partner and the recent release of Qt 6.5.

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