Teco - The only solution for Automated Kanzi GUI Testing

TECO is integrating Kanzi Engine internals with Visual Verification for Image-Based Testing achieving truly rapid development and verification process.

Teco – solution for inspecting, testing and validating Kanzi based HMI applications

Running and testing application on target platform is essential for fast and safe feature development. Providing feedback from user perspective is critical as it is the only measure of progress. But this requires uploading your software on target device and visually validate the output. Validating all visual details (colors, fonts, size, position, etc.) is very time-consuming and error prone if doing manually.

Solutions to common challenges

Siili Teco - Validate your incrementally build designs on the target

Validate your incremental designs on the target build

Teco gives you access to Kanzi node tree so you can test even smallest changes on the final platform.
Siili Teco gives you functionality like mocking data sources and resource mocking

Build working ui fast, without waiting for backend implementation

Teco gives you functionality to mock data sources and resources so you can move quickly and focus on user experience directly on the target device.
Siili Teco Record your tests on target device

Record your tests on target device

Teco is built on top of Kanzi Engine and gives you possibility to capture events so you build complex test cases without coding.

Validate translations

Teco gives you functionality to browse, inspect and manipulate Kanzi node tree so that you can travers all text on all screens and check if proper text is shown without breaking your layouts.

Validate your designs against specification

Teco provides tools for making working documentation – human-readable specification which can be run as a test, so that you can enforce synchronization between specification and code.

Improve communication on what is done and what is not correct

Teco provides features like visual verification, image-based testing, region validation and reporting with visually emphasized differences so that your team can prove what was done and what are differences between initial design and running application.

Integrates with headless continuous integration systems

Validation is important. That’s not news. Even smallest change should be checked. Teco gives possibility to run your UI tests on headless server so that your teams get fast feedback.

Improve UI Designers and Developers process

Teco gives you features like inspecting and modification of Kanzi internals at runtime and runtime resource management so that you can validate your changes on the target device without the need of the reboot.

End-user documentation generation

Teco gives you features like all screen visiting, taking screenshots and data mocking so that you can generate end-user documentation in all languages automatically as often as you need.

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We love to make new friends with colleagues, clients, and investors alike. Get in touch with us so we can see how we can help you create meaningful digital experiences.
We love to make new friends with colleagues, clients, and investors alike. Get in touch with us so we can see how we can help you create meaningful digital experiences.


We work with automotive OEMs, Tier1 integrators and digital service providers to create and integrate digital cockpits, information and entertainment services, mobile services and next generation user interface prototypes.
Our designers, technical designers and software developers are experienced on all leading digital HMI platforms as well as next generation user interface technologies.

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