Building the ventilator UI prototype taught us some lessons that we wanted to share in case there is someone looking for advice. We choose to build a proof-of-concept on The Qt Company's Qt for MCUs technology running on a microcontroller platform.

During the one-day and night development we learned the following about the platform:

  • Gives you great user interface development flexibility – easy to adapt to different screens sizes & ratios thanks to QML and Qt Tools.
  • You can reduce software development cost by reusing existing UI assets and C/C++ backend.
  • You can quickly build the first proof-of-concept and continue all the way to a production UI on the same platform.
  • Delivers you high performance (framerate) and instant boot time with low memory consumption.
  • Supports advanced UX and modern UI controls (a smartphone-like UX) by utilizing the on-chip 2D graphic accelerators.
  • You can start immediately and work on your product on supported hardware from NXP, ST, Renesas.

Download the PoC source code here for free:

If you have any questions about how to get the shared source code into use or have other challenges that we could help with – feel free to contact us directly.

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