We are present everywhere innovation is happening – including core technologies. Cppcon is one of the world’s top conferences dedicated to the C++ programming language. The engines we build our HMIs on: Unreal, Qt, and Kanzi are based on C++ and their use requires great proficiency in this technology.


Our Head of Engineering Filip Sajdak has been involved in an innovative project called cppfront. Led by a prominent C++ expert Herb Sutter, its goal is to explore possible avenues to evolve C++ so it can ultimately become much simpler, safer, and more toolable.

Filip will lead a presentation titled: ‘Advancing cppfront with Modern C++: Refining the Implementation of is, as, and UFCS’ on October 5th at 2 PM local time.

We would love to meet with you personally! If you wish to discuss Siili Auto’s projects, innovative technologies, and programming endeavors, please reach out to Filip Sajdak via his Linkedin profile.

See you there!