Qt altair

3D Instrument cluster demo

for TU America 2018 Automotive Car Show

Project Type

Tech demo
Automotive UX R&D

Project scope

Instrument cluster concept
Custom maps using Mapbox


Qt 3D Development
UX & UI Design
3D Design

The QT Company was in urgent need of a demo for TU Automotive America exhibition 6-7.6. at Detroit to show how their QT 3D Studio can help cluster design process to be more efficient. Siili’s design and technological skill set was perfect fit for this tight scheduled task with multiple deliveries.


The challenge was to make 3D rich showcase for The QT Company and utilize variety features of QT 3D Studio and include WOW 3D elements in it without losing simple and stylish look of the instrument cluster.

Inspirations for Design Language

Custom SUV 3D Model

Siili cooperated with Northern Works - company specializing in industrial design - in preparing custom 3D SUV model.

Custom Mapbox Theme

Custom Mapbox theme was created including 3D buidlings and Dynamic Hill Shading.

Instrument Cluster

Unreal engine 4

At Siili Auto we're doing everything we can to always stay ahead of the curve with the HMI technology and always identify biggest pain points that our customers need to address. As the tech progresses exponentially every year, the need for more rich designs and push for improvements in the process of bringing those designs to life on the target are becoming the number one concern of many OEMs and TIER-1s.

Enhancing the driving experience through the seamless use of the connected car services

At Siili_Auto we have developed a demo for our customer Preh Car Connect for the 2019 Automobile Industry Exhibition in Shanghai. The goal was to showcase how the driving experience and safety can be enhanced by seamless use of the upcoming services available in connected cars.