indoor navigation

Designing the future of in-vehicle navigation

HEV instrument cluster concept with indoor navigation powered by V2X.

Project Type

Tech demo
Automotive UX R&D

Project scope

Instrument cluster concept
V2X Cases
Indoor Navigation
In car payments


UX & UI Design
3D Design
Qt 3D Development

Siili Auto has partnered with Promotives, a company specializing in navigating autonomous cars in parking areas, in building a prototype car instrument cluster shown on QT World Summit 2017.

The demo presented an end to end integrated navigation scenario that guided the car to the selected office address, booked and paid for the parking nearby, autonomously navigated the vehicle within the parking to the free space and provided the last mile guidance for the driver on the mobile phone. We've been responsible for the design of the driver experience and development of the demo in QT 3D and Mapbox.

Ideation - Storyboarding a scenario

The team started the process with asking themselves a few questions:

  • How V2X, together with IoT technology, can be used to make in-car navigation even better?
  • What present in-car navigations systems are lacking?
  • What are the everyday situations in which this technology might help the driver?

Apart from that we also wanted to try QT 3D technology and few weeks before we have started partnership with Promotives, a company specializing in navigating autonomous cars in parking areas, so the indoor navigation seems like a natural choice.

The team recorded an everyday situation of a driver going from home to the office with an intermediate stop on an underground car park. Based on this real-life scenario team identified a few cases which seemed like a good opportunity for extending current navigation systems with additional features.

We captured all ideas in a single document in the form of a storyboard. That helped us to keep all stakeholders and development team aligned on what we are aiming to build even before the design phase.

scenario events

Underground car park and map styling

During the design process, we identified the importance of the seamless transition and visual consistency between terrestrial and underground navigation. Based on the car plan delivered by Promotives we designed a custom style for a 3D car park model and used a similar style for map.

interface & motion design

In the next phases of the project, mockups of each event were designed. 
For better implementation support, rapid prototypes were prepared, which allowed us to better evaluate the ideas.

Turn-by-turn directions

Advanced turn-by-turn directions with lane detection can be displayed as an optional view for Other Menus area.

Car recognition

For the car recognition event, simple notification was designed as a concept of how vehicle-to-infrastructure technology can be used to make drivers life easier. In this case, the car park provides the driver with information about the location of the earlier reserved parking stand and its reservation time.

In-vehicle payment

The team came up with the idea of integrating the car system with a connected phone's mobile payments. Additional Vehicle-To-Network (V2N) connection can allow the driver to use credit cards added to mobile wallet and pay for the service directly from the car system interface.

Underground mode

Concept of underground mode is based on the idea of infrastructure communicating with vehicle (V2I) which in real time provides 3D model and plan of a car park together with additional information like position of reserved parking stand.

In this mode, the 3D park plan is taking most part of the instrument cluster helping the driver to see what usually stays unseen. Drive and car information were minimized and simplified to provide only relevant information for this situation like speed, gear selection, and driving directions.

Intersection Movement Assist

An interactive prototype was created to demonstrate how V2X technology can be used for Intersection Movement Assist on parking lots. In this case, the driver is being informed about an oncoming car which has priority on the intersection before the car is getting visible through the windshield.

In-car Alexa voice UI

The voice replaces the touch – boldly said, but that is one big trend that is happening in the Car HMI development.

Unreal engine 4

At Siili Auto we're doing everything we can to always stay ahead of the curve with the HMI technology and always identify biggest pain points that our customers need to address. As the tech progresses exponentially every year, the need for more rich designs and push for improvements in the process of bringing those designs to life on the target are becoming the number one concern of many OEMs and TIER-1s.