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The University of Tampere (UTA) together with several Finnish companies in global automotive industry value chain have launched an automotive consortium MIVI, Multimodal In-Vehicle Interaction and Intelligent Information Presentation, that aims to innovate and pilot future solutions for multimodal in-vehicle interaction and intelligent HMIs. siili_auto is part of the consortium as one of the key players in the research for the next breakthrough.

The two-years project with 8,5-million-euro budget is funded by Business Finland. The consortium combining academic and commercial forces also has the three international partners from the U.S. – University of California (Santa Barbara), Purdue University and Bentley University.

The project led by UTA focuses mainly on two things: creating smoother ways for the driver to control the vehicle and ways to present the information through various senses.


Siili_auto is the world’s premier creative technology studio fully focused on product innovation and product creation for next generation mobility. In the MIVI project we challenge our expertise in collecting, analyzing, enriching and utilizing the data of the user, the vehicle, the driving and the circumstance.

The data enables a more improved, more personal user experience. Data more responsible yet smarter provides nothing but the right and necessary information for quick decision-making. Simultaneously the more efficient and contextual use of data provides opportunities for new data-based revenue models, like services related to cars or an easier daily life.

The Origo Steering Wheel concept has received recognition from the German Design Awards council for outstanding design quality. The project was chosen as a Winner in the category of Excellent Product Design – Human-Machine Interface.


Are you curious to see the breakthrough ideas and innovations the joint project will provide? We’ll keep you posted regularly and release the finding and demonstrations along the way. Stay tuned!

The Origo Steering Wheel concept - a playground for co-creating the future driving experience is now launched!

The new Origo Steering Wheel concept is the first joint demonstration and research platform to emerge from the Multimodal In-Vehicle Interaction and Intelligent Information Presentation (MIVI) consortium. The Origo Steering Wheel Concept improves the way a driver accesses information, and controls non-driving functions, in the vehicle with intuitive thumb controls accessible with a safe hands-on-wheel driving position. Relevant information is presented in each situation, ensuring the driver can focus on the primary task: safe driving. The new Origo Steering Wheel Concept replaces multiple mechanical controls in different locations with novel, 3-dimensional touch sensors that are integrated in the steering wheel and easily operated by thumb, providing a natural, smartphone-like interaction.

The Origo Steering Wheel concept has been co-created by Canatu, Siili Auto, Rightware and TactoTek®, each bringing their unique expertise to the project:

  • Canatu provides its fully transparent Carbon NanoBud (CNB) film -based touch sensors that are integrated into the steering wheel. CNB sensors can be formed and moulded into any shape providing design-freedom and great user experience.
  • Siili Auto designs and implements User Interface (UI) of the smart steering wheel. UI and the steering wheel physical form and innovate controls are seamlessly integrated to a unique user experience.
  • Rightware is providing its market-leading HMI software tools including Kanzi UI, Kanzi Connect, and Kanzi Maps to enable rapid design, prototyping, and development of intuitive interaction modelsfor this new concept.
  • TactoTek® applies its Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE™) technology to design and produce smart surfaces that include circuitry, touch controls and illumination in 3D injection molded designs.


We’re proud to state MIVI’s off to a start quite revolutionary. With a software built on Kanzi UI and Connect platforms provided by Rightware and tech developed by a Finnish intelligent photography company Visidon, we have succeeded in crafting a successful facial recognition in a car. The technology commonly familiar from cell phones enables us to take the driving experience to a whole new level – a smarter, easier, and safer one. Watch the demo. We’re just getting started

The Origo Steering Wheel is the first tangible outcome bringing new technologies from the collaboration partners fully in life in the form of integrated and immersive driving experience. We are excited to innovate further and provide even more game-changing UX solutions together with these leading vendors

Väinö Leskinen

Managing Director from Siili_auto

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