IN-CAR alexa voice ui

Natural language replaces touch as VUIs blend into the HMIs

Project Type

In-vehicle infotainment
Voice User Interface
Multimodal HMI

Project scope

Infotainment system
Amazon Alexa integration
Car Voice controls


User Experience Design
Voice Interaction Design
Amazon Alexa Integration

The voice replaces the touch – boldly said, but that is one big trend that is happening in the Car HMI development.  We can already see the natural language replacing the touch as the voice user interfaces (VUIs) blend into the HMIs at home and mobile. However, in-car voice experience can not be just a copy from your home, especially the context (location, speed, weather, etc.) has to be taken into account so that experience is seamless and does not cause additional distraction to driver.

Amazon has entered to the automotive domain with Alexa voice services both by providing  purpose-built Amazon Echo Auto device and by having Alexa Auto SDK as toolkit to integrate Alexa as part of in-car HMI. Siili Auto has partnered with Amazon Alexa to extend our HMI service to Voice UI offering. By combining our long experience of designing, prototyping and implementing digital HMIs into vehicles and Alexa advanced technology we are able to provide seamless in-car user experience solutions.

Siili Auto has been working with Alexa Auto SDK for a while and we have created a prototype integrating Amazon Alexa both offline and online services to an Infotainment system demonstrator.

Prototype functionality

Target for the prototype was to:

  • Get knowledge and experience of integrating Amazon Alexa to an Infotainment system
  • Prototype and test different usage scenarios with Voice UI
  • Gain insights of seamless UX experience design with Voice UI

In the prototype you can use voice to initiate and answer calls and control other call related functions. Navigation functionality can be also fully controlled with voice and same applies to media controls.

In addition, the HVAC can be adjusted with voice and it functions without internet connections utilising Alexa offline mode

Future Steps with Amazon Alexa and Siili Auto

Interested to add or enhance existing Voice User Interface into your vehicle? Siili Auto is a certified Consulting and Professional Services partner to Amazon Alexa and has the knowledge and skills to help to bring your in-car user experience to the next level." We are the right partner when you are looking solution how to integrate Amazon Alexa effectively and seamlessly into your in-car HMI. Our Voice UI related offering includes:

  • HMI/Voice UX Design
  • HMI Innovation and Prototyping
  • HMI Development

Unreal engine 4

At Siili Auto we're doing everything we can to always stay ahead of the curve with the HMI technology and always identify biggest pain points that our customers need to address. As the tech progresses exponentially every year, the need for more rich designs and push for improvements in the process of bringing those designs to life on the target are becoming the number one concern of many OEMs and TIER-1s.

The Origo Steering Wheel

The Origo Steering Wheel concept has received recognition from the German Design Awards council for outstanding design quality. The project was chosen as a Winner in the category of Excellent Product Design – Human-Machine Interface.