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We empower our customers to test HMI ideas early in the product innovation cycle. This facilitates the team to “get out of the building” and test the ideas in real life with real users. Building fast, iterative digital prototypes in native technologies and on target hardware is ultimately the only way to test and judge the quality of an idea based on the interaction between man and machine.

This is what we believe in:

WORK: Preh Car Connect

IAA 2019 Demonstrator

Personalizing the driving experience through the seamless blend of the connected car services.


creativity comes from users, business models and technologies

Our creative technologists enable Original Equipment Makers and their partners to instantly add a deep feasibility competence to their innovation and design teams. With the right people technology can be a major source of new insights, ideas and ultimately end-user value. Merging insights from technology, users and modern business models drives creativity and results in a unique and remarkable user experience.


Amazing experiences emerge in the details

Details are strategic. Details make the difference and attention to them makes working with us unique. We believe that every single touchpoint must be either memorable, seamless or both.

WORK: CES 2020

Micro-interactions UX concept

Exploring how micro-interactions create a smoother user experience decreasing the effort in managing the different features in the car.

WORK: Pininfarina

AutonoMIA Concept, 2020

Setting a benchmark for responsive driving experience combining sensing, software, hardware and a bit of magic.

We've enabled experience design through creative technology working together with automotive legends, Pininfarina and ART Group.


high-level can't be tested, high-fidelity can

Incomplete experiences run the risk of highly biased user reactions. Rather than rapid and rough, we do rapid and right.


development is a key part of the product ideation

The standard product creation process assumes hand-off of ideas and concepts to development after ideation.

For us, technology and development is a crucial part of the ideation phase. Deep tech insights not only help to validate ideas early but also opens new ways to approach concepts.


Multimodal in-vehicle interactions and intelligent HMI, 2020

If the vehicle understands the driver’s motives, it’s able to assist the driving more effectively.


HMI Development

Qt, Android Automotive, Kanzi, Unreal, Unity, HTML

Development of user interfaces using various technologies. Architecture and performance optimization consulting. Partnerships with leading HMI platform providers like Qt, Epic Games, Google, Unity or Rightware.

User Experience Design

Delivering a delightful experience through a user-centric approach, data-driven design, storytelling, motion and visual design.

DevOps & Automation

Deliver value faster with development processes automation. Continues delivery and deployment, environment configuration.

Cloud Services

Building highly scalable solutions using AWS, GCP or Azure components. Experience in maintaining reliable and high traffic complex systems.

Web & Mobile applications

Experience in consumer applications and business-critical solutions for web, iOS and Android.

Emerging technologies


Integrating prototyping into the design and production lifecycle. Building digital prototypes and demonstrators for events. Connecting technical insights with ideation processes. Collecting valuable data during user testing sessions.

Voice User Interfaces

Creating voice first products and skills using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. Integration of Alexa Auto SDK.


Building immersive solutions using advanced virtual and mixed reality technology.

Gestures & Haptics

Integration of latest gestures tracking and haptics tools like Ultraleap to create multimodal systems.

Computer Vision

Combining different technologies like eye tracking, image, face, or emotion recognition to provide contextual and personalized features.

Some of our clients & partners

ART Group

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