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We enable our customers to scale automotive HMI/UI projects and shorten the time for the innovative products to hit the market. We specialize in reducing the effort needed to build HMIs and designing new features.

There are 2,5 million cars driving on the roads of Europe, US and Asia today for which we've helped to build amazing digital experiences.

While working on these wonderful cars for our customers we've established few beliefs that are driving us forward:

WORK: HMI for premium EV suv for asian market

Delivering production car in 3 years

We've enabled the startup OEM from Asia to shorten the release date of its first production EV car. We've been responsible for the design and implementation of the instrument cluster and heads-up display.


We aim to shorten the HMI development cycle by 40%

We follow DevOps, tests automation and know our tools well. We use only the industry leading HMI platforms to maximize time spent on building features rather than repetitive and manual work.


We stay ahead by having deep insight into the platform roadmaps

We have close partnership with the leading automotive platform vendors - Qt, Android Automotive, Unity, Unreal and Kanzi. We are active in development of these platorms and try upcoming features in advance. We combine our automotive experience with partners' expertise to create the best tools to build modern HMIs.

WORK: PREH car connect

IAA 2019 Demonstrator

Personalizing the driving experience through the seamless blend of the connected car services.

We've integrated our customer's products in the area of HMIs, VUI, HUD, connected cars and V2X to build a demonstrator for Frankfurt Motorshow.


AutonoMIA Concept, 2020

Setting a benchmark for responsive driving experience combining sensing, software, hardware and a bit of magic.

We've enabled experience design through creative technology working together with automotive legends, Pininfarina and ART Group.


We build cross-skilled teams of experts and generalists

We believe that successful projects require a common language how to integrate the work between multiple teams.

We assemble cross-functional “Feature Teams” consisting of experts capable of delivering production software end-2-end. This reduces the dependencies between project groups and removes the waterfall cascade of “design → develop → test → repeat ⟲”, allowing for an agile and timeboxed approach.


We reduce the effort needed to build HMIs and design new features

We shorten the “design–to–target” workflow by integrating the tools used by both designers and developers into a seamless and automated pipeline. We allow the ideas to be verified directly in the target environment in realtime.

WORK: HMI for premium german oem

Enabling the premium HMI experience for the entry level car model

We've developed an HMI with smart assistant, CarPlay and 3D elements for Instrument cluster, heads-up display and in-vehicle infotainment system.


HMI Development

Qt, Android Automotive, Kanzi, Unreal, Unity, HTML

Development of user interfaces using various technologies. Architecture and performance optimization consulting. Partnerships with leading HMI platform providers like Qt, Epic Games, Google, Unity or Rightware.

User Experience Design

Delivering a delightful experience through a user-centric approach, data-driven design, storytelling, motion and visual design.

DevOps & Automation

Deliver value faster with development processes automation. Continues delivery and deployment, environment configuration.

Cloud Services

Building highly scalable solutions using AWS, GCP or Azure components. Experience in maintaining reliable and high traffic complex systems.

Web & Mobile applications

Experience in consumer applications and business-critical solutions for web, iOS and Android.

Emerging technologies


Integrating prototyping into the design and production lifecycle. Building digital prototypes and demonstrators for events. Connecting technical insights with ideation processes. Collecting valuable data during user testing sessions.

Voice User Interfaces

Creating voice first products and skills using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft Cortana. Integration of Alexa Auto SDK.


Building immersive solutions using advanced virtual and mixed reality technology.

Gestures & Haptics

Integration of latest gestures tracking and haptics tools like Ultraleap to create multimodal systems.

Computer Vision

Combining different technologies like eye tracking, image, face, or emotion recognition to provide contextual and personalized features.

Some of our clients & partners

ART Group

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