From an old Diesel to a Tesla as a new Driver


June 1, 2020

Max Pusa

Max Z

After writing the last post, I was spending time with one of my good friends, Eerik. He told me, that his family had decided to update their car to 21st century and buy a Tesla. I found this extremely interesting since my friend just got his license a few months beforehand. When Eerik got his driving license, his family had a Land Rover from early 2000s with a big diesel V6-engine. Therefore, the transformation has to have been huge from an old diesel SUV to a modern and sporty, fully electric Tesla. I had a sit down with him and he was more than glad to tell me his thoughts about this.

Eerik told me, that the main reason for their decision to update their car, was that their recent car was not practical. Eerik’s family currently lives in the heart of Helsinki. Thus, it’s pretty obvious that a big diesel SUV wasn’t anymore able to meet their needs. After Eerik had received his license too and their family had a third driver, it only felt like a natural choice to upgrade their car to a more city-friendly option.  

Why go for an electric car?

The car that they eventually went for, was Tesla Model 3 Performance. It seemed like a perfect match for their needs for its price and features. Eerik told me, that Tesla’s fast and effective customer support had booked them a test ride the next day after first contacting them. This swiftness in service answered the question of getting the Tesla or the Mercedes EQC, which had no test drives available for quite some time and the delivery would have been seven months away from ordering. Eerik didn’t get a chance to drive the car then but told me that his whole family loved how the Tesla drove and looked. They decided to go for the Performance model because of the most sensible reason, both dad and the son wanted the extra horsepower.

They considered a plug-in-hybrid car first (my personal preference) but opted for a fully electric one instead. The reason was, that living in the city, they would save huge amounts of money on gas, and charging options were fairly accessible. Range wasn’t a problem for Eerik and his family, since they were able to get a charging station installed at their home. I hear it’s not the fastest (only 19km of range per hour of charging) but as a result, they didn’t have to worry about charging it pretty much anywhere else than at home at night.

Honest opinion

When I asked him to tell me some downsides, he had to take a moment to think which already tells something. The only things that he could point out were the hiccups in the software that sometimes make things unnecessarily difficult but are easily fixable with updates. He mentioned that because the doors are unlocked using Bluetooth, the door opening mechanism doesn’t always work and then it’s a real pain to open the app and open the doors “manually”. Second small thing he mentioned was that because the car is so low, it makes it sometimes hard to drive in some parts of the city because of high curbs and speed bumps.

So, how was it like to transfer from and old Diesel to a Tesla?

Eerik described changing from a Land Rover to a Tesla an “interesting” experience. First, like any other 18-year-old, he noticed the vast amount of power that the car had. Second, he had noticed that everything is controlled by a large touchscreen instead of million buttons that the Land Rover had. He was clearly intrigued by the small things that Tesla has put into the car. He was eager to show me features like integrated Netflix, great sound system and some games he had found from the center screen. After learning the nooks and crannies of the car, he had found himself using the car seamlessly and looking back, he is really happy with everything Tesla has done with the car. In the end of our lunch, he exited the restaurant and drove off with his new Model 3 Performance with the biggest smile I’ve seen for a while on his face.

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