We bridge Europe’s top talents with our customer's teams.

We are the world’s premier creative technology studio fully focused on product creation and product innovation for next generation mobility.

In a short period of time siili_auto, the start-up of OMX Helsinki listed company Siili Solution, has become a significant platform independent player in the global automotive industry software business focusing on the next generation car HMI solutions as well as innovating and prototyping creative technology solutions in the OEMs’ product development processes.
Craftsmanship spirit

We highly value craftmanship – the skills and talent to not only think outside of the box but also create and deliver the premium quality products.

Creative Technology

We intersect user insights, business needs and creative technology as a source of creativity and driver for a change.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve both worked and hired creative agencies. They all sell you processes and frameworks but tend to forget their most valuable asset, talent. Talent is by far the largest factor of success. That’s what Siili has not forgotten, to place front and center some of the best designers and engineers I’ve had the opportunity to work with.


VP User Experience, NIO US

MEET ouR team


Siili started out in 2005 as a lean and agile software integrator. A decade later, we expanded into automotive and in 2020 we formed Siili Auto as a subsidiary of the now Nasdaq Nordic listed Siili Solutions. Smaller, nimbler and more creative than the automotive industry’s traditional players, we saw an opportunity to use our skills to reinvent the cockpit for the digital age.

The world needed a new kind of builder for new kinds of interaction between the man and the machine.

Today, Siili Auto’s engineers and technical artists are reinventing the human-machine interface for an era in which the machine can think and interact We see the autonomous vehicle of the future as opening up an entirely new sphere of fun and freedom. It’s where digital meets the real world—at 60, 70, 80 mph.

Konrad Kabaja
Director of Technology
Juhani Vanhala
Head of Sales
Wojciech Kurek
Head of Automotive
Anna Kalita
Agile Project Lead
Experienced agile project manager and Certified Scrum Master. Practiced in leading projects through their entire life-cycle, including discovery workshops, requirements analysis, development, and delivery. The hard worker who always stays positive.
Dawid Ochryniak
Technical Artist
A creative 3D artist who can turn every design idea into a well-crafted user interface in tools like Unity or Kanzi. His skills in developing great UX were acknowledged by the Red Dot Award in 2018.
Antonia Plorin
Operation Manager
Responsible for running the studio in Berlin, acquisition of talents, and supporting the teams in daily work. Every day is a new challenge and I'm happy to be a part of a great team.
Wojciech Błaszak
Software Engineer
His main area of interest is embedded software - from the system layer to GUI applications. In addition, he has experience in mobile devices, multimedia processing, data-oriented solutions, and automotive projects. Fan of basketball!
Kama Wójcik
Software Engineer
Experienced Development Engineer focused on high-quality software. She likes modern C++, graphical frameworks, but also middleware part. Open for learning new things!
Mariusz Ostrowski
HMI UI/UX Designer
Designer with extensive over 20 years experience in design mainly for automotive, mobile devices and embedded devices. Highly skilled at user-centered design, wireframes, interface/navigation design based on usability and simplicity principles.

Our talents

We believe that people are the key to success and we appreciate diverse experience. Our teams advise Siili Auto clients how to leverage new technologies to effectively support business growth.

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